Understanding CBD Oil’s Health Benefits

(HealthNewsDigest.com) – Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a strain from the cannabis plant. Most will know cannabis by the termmarijuana, which refers to the cannabis plant’s leaves and stems. Or perhaps by its even more famous product—pot.

Despite 70 years in US history when research on its medical uses stopped, CBD is now experiencing an upswing in research and production. MJ Freeway’s cannabis consulting services is leading cannabis businesses in developing a market strategy. And research has not remained idle, either. What scientists have discovered within the last 5 years may make this plant known for more than being a terrific relaxant. That seems a tall order considering its worldwide celebrity for its recreational uses—but the signs are clear. The following are some extraordinary studies on CBD oil and its medical and health-related benefits.

CBD for treating epilepsy

One severe affliction that CBD may be effective in treating is that of epilepsy. Research remains incomplete to draw full conclusions on this matter. However, small clinical reports and lab studies provide reason to be optimistic. At the American Epilepsy Society 70th Annual Meeting, anoutstanding study was presented. It showed two-thirds of patients saw more than a 50 percent reduction in seizure severity after being treated with CBD.

Presently, the National Institute on Drug Abuse is collaborating with the National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke to study the conditions where CBD would be effective in treating seizure disorders.

Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
A study published in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed CBD helped relieve dementia symptoms. This research was based on a trial conducted by researchers in Israel studying 11 patients with Alzheimer’s. Their findings showed that CBD has neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties may help combat the root of the disease. A decrease in neuroinflammation will decrease brain degeneration, which is a main factor in Alzheimer’s.

Anti-anxiety medication
In studies done on animals, CBD has been shown to have great effectiveness in reducing physiological signs of stress in those studied. And in studies of patients afflicted with social anxiety, CBD may have a calming effect. For example, this study showed that those in the placebo group had higher levels of anxiety and discomfort compared with those treated with CBD. These findings indicate that even as little as a small dose of CBD can help decrease social anxiety. And in a somewhat related lab study designed to model effects of PTSD, CBD improved the forgetting of one’s traumatic memories.

Pain relief for cancer patients and rheumatoid patients

One of the most studied aspects of CBD is its benefits in easing pain in cancer and rheumatoid patients. CBD has been proven to reduce anxiousness and nausea. It is considered an anti-convulsant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant. All of which help with symptoms that cancer patients deal with. CBD also has been shown to regulate blood pressure. It is considered toxic to breast cancer cells and certain other types of cancer cells, all while protecting healthy cells. CBD used to be considered less effective than THC, a more well-known strand of cannabis. But, in fact, it is now believed that they contain a synergistic effect on each other, and are more effective when used in conjunction with the other. For example, CBD helps to counterbalance the hunger and lethargy caused by THC.

There are many other ongoing studies on the effectiveness of CBD. And CBD continues to intrigue the medical world, as well as those that can benefit from its potential. It is now being studied as an aid to those looking to stop a cigarette addiction, as well as a possible treatment for acne. Some studies suggest CBD could be effective against Crohn’s disease and other bowel diseases. And then lastly, while sleepiness is often considered a side effect of CBD, some seek it out for this purpose. Insomniacs and those with chronic sleep deprivation have also benefited from CBD.


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