Gas Is Too High – I’ll Have to Quit My Job!

May 7, 2011 by Michael McCurdy · Comments Off
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By Michael J. McCurdy, Founder/Publisher –
Apr 25, 2011 – 6:06:00 AM

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( – Lois is a 65 year-old “care giver” in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Five days per week she tends to her client, a ninety-year old woman with a pacemaker. Her job is to bathe her, do the cooking, shopping, cleaning, make sure her client takes her pills, and to keep her client in good spirits. Lois is about to quit her job because she can no longer afford gas. Are you in the same situation?

Lois’ gross salary every two-weeks is $476.00, after taxes. She leaves her house every day at 8:30am and drives 44 miles round-trip to tend to her patient. She spends $120.00 on gas EVERY WEEK. She recently got a raise of 26 cents per hour. She has no medical insurance (since the recession, her company can no longer afford it).

“I’ll have to quit my job, I can no longer afford the gas” she said, when I asked her how she was getting along. “It’s very gratifying work, that’s why I do it” she replied when asked.

How many of you find yourself in the same situation? Have you avoided driving to your favorite restaurant, movie? Is entertainment of any sort out of the question? If we don’t spend, how is the economy going to improve? Not by pouring our hard-earned dollars down a well. Send your Congressman/Woman an email,or twitter:

“Gas Is Too High – I’ll Have to Quit My Job!”

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