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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Frisco, TX

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Total Body Lift

( Made famous by stars like television personality Al Roker, “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson, reality-TV queen and rock-star wife Sharon Osbourne and singer Carnie Wilson, gastric bypass surgery (laparoscopy) is fast becoming the common way to reach extreme weight loss, with nearly 141,000 Americans electing to undergo the procedure in 2004. After losing up to 150 pounds in the months after the procedure, though, one major problem still remains – what do you do with all of the excess skin that now sags from your arms, hips, legs, chest, stomach and buttocks???

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, clinical professor of surgery (plastic) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, has the answer. In his new book TOTAL BODY LIFT™ SURGERY (MD PUBLISH, April ’05) Dr. Hurwitz describes the revolutionary Total Body Lift™ procedure that he has pioneered, an all-in-one solution that quickly, safely and effectively re-shapes the body to better reflect the new person created by gastric bypass procedures. The process is applicable to excess skin created by the effects of normal diet & exercise, aging and pregnancy, as well.

For more than 60 years, plastic surgeons have treated skin laxity with an á la carte selection of individual operations with no organization – a reconstructive procedure for one area of the body was entirely independent of another part of the body and almost always required separate visits that increased the risks and costs involved with re-forming the total body. Dr. Hurwitz looked at this dilemma and decided a unifying approach was necessary to cure the extraordinary deformity caused by excess skin.

Total Body Lift™ surgery contours the body back to its intended shape by re-forming every area of the human form, from head to toe, separating the process in two steps:

Make no mistake about it, removing more than 15 lbs. of excess skin is not a miracle 45-minute in-and-out event. Performed either all at once or in two separate procedures as soon as four months apart, like most surgical events this process is intensive, requires 7-9 hours of surgery and massive blood transfusions, runs the risk of infection and, as with all operations that incorporate anesthesia, can be dangerous. It also leaves patients with significant scars that can be hidden behind most bikini lines, and occasionally they will need additional procedures to take care of extra skin around their arms and other body parts.

Over the years, however, Dr. Hurwitz has refined the process of Total Body Lift™ Surgery to the point of consistency. Total Body Lift™ surgery can be the answer for anyone who is contemplating massive weight loss to combat the serious effects of morbid obesity, or for anyone who looks in the mirror at an advanced age or after multiple childbirths and sees sheets of excess flesh draping their bodies – skin and fat that otherwise has no natural way of re-shaping itself to the body’s new form. This remarkable procedure can help start them on the way to a new, more fulfilling life of normalcy and a level of self-esteem they may never have imagined.

For more information about Dr. Dennis Hurwitz and his Total Body Lift™ surgery, please visit or

About Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz, MD, FACS – Author and Pioneer of Total Body Lift™ Surgery

Since 1977, Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz, MD, FACS, has treated thousands of patients with cosmetic concerns, structural defects and congenital deformities. At the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Hurwitz is Clinical Professor of Surgery and former director of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center. He is a skilled practitioner, teacher and innovator, and was recently recognized as one of America’s Top Doctors for specialist referrals – the only plastic surgeon in Western Pennsylvania in the 2001 through 2004 editions of the Castle Connolly Guide. A diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Hurwitz has been president of city, state and regional plastic surgery organizations, as well as the Allegheny County Medical Society.

TOTAL BODY LIFT™ SURGERY: Reshaping the Breasts, Chest, Arms, Thighs, Hips, Back, Waist, Abdomen & Knees after Weight Loss Aging & Pregnancies
Author: Dr. Dennis J Hurwitz, MD, FACS
ISBN: 0-9748997-1-2
Publisher: MDPublish
Pub Date: April 22, 2005
Price: USA $29.95 Canada $36.95

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