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Michael J. McCurdy
Founder/Publisher - With Rudolph Guiliani, Former Mayor Of NYC

Tommy G. Thompson - Health and Human Services Secretary & Michael J. McCurdy, founder/publisher of

Actor Rob Lowe & Michael J. McCurdy, Founder/Publisher of

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Healthy Television - HealthyTelevisionProductions

Public Service Announcements - Platinum Level Program

    Increase awareness
    Target and Reach Your Prime Audiences

The following information on PSA effectiveness includes:
    Overview of the medium
    Value of Health News Digest
    Guaranteed exposure levels
    Expected media exposure
    Synopsis of a recent PSA campaign by TV Access
    A budget estimate
    A timeline for the project

Overview of Public Service Announcements

PSA are messages that television and radio stations air for free to fill unsold commercial time. These messages are designed to illustrate and inform the general public about your issue. PSAs are used by virtually every broadcast station in the USA.

The challenge is that stations receive many more PSAs than they have time to air. National PSAs are very appealing to local stations because it gives them access to high quality materials that present their station well to their viewers and listeners. PSAs will be produced to the highest standard and will have been tested to assure that the PSAs are acceptable to the media gatekeeper and that they communicate your message.

We create, produce and distribute thirty and sixty second television PSA's and a thirty and sixty second radio PSA campaigns for ultimate media exposure.

Value of Health News Digest

Our package has a unique feature. We couple the tremendous reach of a high quality PSA with the power of editorial media and internet through is a Daily Health News Ezine! ... with Exclusive and Breaking News reported as it happens. On Sundays/Wednesdays, we Issue a News Blast Alert when we publish our 7 columnists, who cover Food/Nutrition, Lifestyle, Beauty, Love/Relationships, Fitness, Holistic and Contributing columnists, and to 8,000 health-industry journalists who are subscribers and we give them full use of our content for their own media, enhancing our already wide syndication for your messages.

We are The premier electronic health news network and the #1 provider of Health News content! In addition, we are syndicated to thousands of major health industry web sites, content and applications to PDA, wireless PDA, and smartphone users, and read in 164 countries. We are members of the New York Press Club, The Association of Health Care Journalists, and The Online News Association.

HealthyTelevisionProductions has created and produced over 700 productions, from thirty second PSA, to half-hour syndicated series, and one-hour specials. The company specialty however, is the health-related PSA. Banner
  • Our Main Banner ad will prominently feature your ad and Link.
  • You banner will also appear on our "Articles Page" which is published and syndicated with Every Article we publish! We publish more than 100 per week!
  • Your Banner ad will appear on Thousands of already existing health-related web sites.
  • As a stand-alone ad without the overall production and distribution package, the rate for the Banner is $3,500.00 per month.

You approve initial concept and finished scripts. You will review and approve all finished PSAs. A representative may opt to attend the video shoot and/or edit sessions. Expect one day for the shoot and one day for the rough cut another day to tweak and final edit the television PSA. A third day may be needed for the radio PSA recording and edit.

Guaranteed exposure levels for Platinum Level Program
TV Access guarantee results with their PSAs. For the television PSA, the guaranteed results include-
  • 100 million audience impressions
  • 7,000 broadcast or cable airings
  • $1,000,000 in dollar equivalency
For the radio PSA, the guaranteed results include an additional-
  • 20 million audience impressions
  • 15,000 radio airings
  • $1,000,000 in dollar equivalency
Expected media exposure
TV Access based on past performance expect the following results with your PSAs. For the television PSA, the expected results include-
  • 100-200 million audience impressions
  • 10,000-30,000 broadcast or cable airings
  • $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in dollar equivalency
For the radio PSA, the guaranteed results include an additional-
  • 50-100 million audience impressions
  • 15,000-50,000 radio airings
  • $1,500,000 to $4,000,000 in dollar equivalency
Synopsis of a recent PSA campaign by TV Access

A recent completed campaign by TV Access/ was for ASPCA for prevention of cruelty to animals. The client choose the platinum level of production and distribution with the television release going to 1,700 broadcast and cable stations and the radio to 7,000 stations.

The PSA have far exceeded the guaranteed levels. The final level of media support is in excess of $8,000,000 and over 50 to one return on investment. Airings were regularly on Animal Planet and ABC network as well as major stations in all of the top twenty markets. The total number of reported airings was in excess of 100,000 with 25,000 on the television side and 75,000 for radio. You can view the current reports on-line at

The PSA was created with rap star Russell Simmons. The productions was on the low end of the platinum budget and included all celebrity fees and expenses.

Budget estimate for Platinum Level Proposal
Investment and preparation of media coverage reports
The budget for production is $62,500
The budget for distribution is $62,500
Agency Travel Expense estimated $2,500

Timeline for the project
A timeline is available upon request.

Please contact: Mike McCurdy, Executive Producer, [email protected] or 877-634-9180

Michael J. McCurdy
1461A First Avenue
New York, NY 10075

[email protected]
[email protected]

Call or Email Mike McCurdy: [email protected] 877.634.9180

HealthyTelevisionProductions is a division of For further information of public service spots, health-news for television, or your own one-hour special, please contact: Mike McCurdy at 877.634.9180 or [email protected].

To view our most recent psa for television, please click on the following:

For details and costs, please contact: Michael J. McCurdy, Executive Producer, Healthy Television Productions, 1461A First Avenue, Suite 311, New York, NY 10021. Voice and Fax: 877.634.9180 [email protected] Healthy Television Healthy Television Productions, a division of, produces a half-hour magazine format television show called, "HEALTHY TELEVISION". The show covers health, science & technology, medicine and the environment. At the present time, the show is being redesigned for Internet distribution as well as television.

For further information, please contact:
Michael J. McCurdy, Executive Producer,
Healthy Television Productions,
1461A First Ave., Suite 311 New York, NY 10021.
Voice mail & Fax: 877.634.9180
[email protected]

Michael J. McCurdy---President & Executive Producer
Michael J. McCurdy, has created and produced over 700 productions for television. From 30 second public service commercials, to half-hour syndicated television series. Prior to founding Healthy Television Productions, Inc. and, Mr. McCurdy was president of a wholly-owned broadcast/electronic media subsidiary of a major international adverting/public relations agency. While holding this post, Mr. McCurdy created the first news and information service transmitted by satellite for the public relations field. Mr. McCurdy was also the supervising producer for the first major corporation stock holder meeting held offshore and transmitted via satellite. Mr. McCurdy is a nationally known guest speaker on the use of electronicmedia.

For further information, please contact:
Michael J. McCurdy, Executive Producer,
Healthy Television Productions,
1461A First Ave., Suite 311 New York, NY 10021.
Voice mail & Fax: 877.634.9180
[email protected]

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