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Non-Profit Associations Can Profit Big with Television and Radio Public Service Time

( and Not-for-Profit Associations have wonderful opportunities for gaining mass exposure for their messages through the production and distribution of television and radio public service messages.

An Association or Not-For-Profit simplifies the FCC requirements for discussing a health issue. The review process is up to the NFP, not the FCC. A psa can provide early warning signs,information and further encourage actions.

The March of Dimes has documented a 16% increase in at risk women taking Folic Acid after a 3 year campaign. The American Diabestes Association reports a doubling of awareness of Diabetes II after a 5 year psa campaign.

A recent campaign for the American Pain Society has garnered 8,834 telecasts and over 39,000 radio broadcasts in a six-month period. Audience impressions for the campaign are at 93 million.

Messages for both media are produced in both sixty-second and thirty-second segments. Standard distribution for a television campaign can be from 400 stations to over 1,500 which includes cable outlets.

Typically, costs include creation of the concept, scripting to approval, professional production in Betacam tape or digital, music, narration, recording and studio time, time-coding with Neilsen Sigma for reporting purposes, and, weekly reports of confirmed telecasts/broadcasts for a six-month period.

For further information, contact Michael J. McCurdy, publisher of and Executive Producer of HealthyTelevisionProductions: Phone # is 877.634.9180, or [email protected]

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